About Eketi

About 2

Eketi is a woman of many passions.

She lives for stories, edits for money, cooks and eats for pleasure. Eketi is also a social entrepreneur, public speaker and MC.

Popularly known as The Last Afang Bender, she loves God, the smell of new books, red sunsets and large dogs.


24 thoughts on “About Eketi”

  1. Beautiful blog. Wen I passed maths in waec, my mum had to ask if I actually owned dat result. Smh 4 myself
    P.S, ure my learned colleague


  2. I decided to vist this blog when i saw the link on mymindsnap. Am not regreting my actions. Am really impressed with what am seeing. Thanks alot Aunty Eketi for the awesome you are doing. You are an inspiration to young writers like us.


    1. Chinasa, I’m really sorry for this late reply. Yes, I’ve got mailing list. You can just go to the top of the page and follow me and you’ll get a notification whenever I post something.
      Thank you so much for your readership.


  3. Awesome, Eketi. Someone sent me a link on WhatsApp of your ‘end of year story’. One of the nicer things I read in 2017. Hilarious, yet filled with morals, not the mawkish, self-righteous type of moral proselytising that fails to inspire. Daalu rinne. …You now have one more crush

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