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Paperback or E-book Bible

I sometimes wonder what erroneous ideas I may have embraced and imbibed in the course of living, simply because it suited my needs or was tailored after my uninformed opinion.
Today, I stumbled upon something on Facebook: someone said he’s refused to go to church for four consecutive Sundays because the priest at his parish reads the Scriptures from an IPad. He chose to ignore the fact that he could simply have gone to another parish where he felt more comfortable with the paper-Bible using priest.

As it was, many people did not agree with him, and gave many reasons for their dissent; from pointing out that we are in a technological age, to the fact that it doesn’t matter where Scripture is written or read from as long as one believes. Some called him names, ranging from fool, JJC, archaic, to someone stuck in the Dark Ages.

Though entitled to their opinions, I have to say I was dismayed to find that there were people, albeit few, on his side. One of such supporters said it was the most foolish thing for the priest to do, that such flagrant breach of tradition disgusted her and the said Christian brother to remove himself from that parish and I quote, “go to another parish where the true word [Scriptures written on paper] is preached and presence of God is felt.” I didn’t know tradition dictates we use only Bibles written on paper.

Other supporters postulated that the devil is afraid of the paper version of the Bible and not that in electronic form; that if the devil comes visiting, all one has to do is raise the paper backed Bible and he would flee as opposed to raising an IPad or phone, even though it were opened to the Book of Psalms or Matthew. Their argument was that modern technology does not scare the devil (so the devil is afraid of paper? I didn’t know that!) One even went as far as saying that the devil has bought the souls of men through modern technology. The said comment was posted via BlackBerry; the writer’s beef does not seem to extend to phones and the social media.

On the heels of this last view came a thought. Strange, but there are some who hold that modern technology is of the devil and must not be used by Christians, especially for church-related activities. I then wondered why they are comfortable sitting in churches lighted with bulbs, cooled with fans and air conditioners, listening to music emanating from organs, keyboards and the like. Or do these not count as modern technology? I wonder what Moses would have thought of today’s technology; he hadn’t received the Ten Commandments on a papyrus scroll written with heavenly ink, but God had carved them on stones (I’m not saying God wouldn’t have asked him to write it down on papyrus……Egypt was already using it at the time).
Would these fervent anti-IPad, anti-I-anything Christians wish to exchange paper for huge slabs of rock, for the sake of not breaching tradition? For compared to those times, paper is modern technology.

It was a relief to find in that crowd of comments, one that said that the words of God, spoken with a pure mouth and believed in one’s heart are what carry God’s anointing and not what material it is written or displayed on. And I agree. What about you?


4 thoughts on “Paperback or E-book Bible”

  1. Hmm..I love the response my pastor shared to a similar story like this…He said,(in reported speech) that God gave Moses the ten commandments on a tablet and not even on paper,(the apostles and other writers wrote on scrolls by inspiration before King James ordered the publishing of the Bible with paper and so on and so forth..isn’t this just plain logical growth/development commensurate to the eras they were in?)…the ipad is also a tablet..innit?so why would the potency of God’s word be reduced to its container and not the content itself. Why are we so traditional and superstitious..oh..the devil is afraid of paper uh?balderdash….Mscheew..
    Abeggi…make we hear word and do right by ourselves in God’s standards,not erroneous man made standards…

    Ok Lizzie!keep calm…don’t vex too


  2. Na wa o! I no fit shout for the guys’s facebook story…. But being that you closed your blogpost with a question….
    I’d have to answer honestly that I agree with you.
    I’m Catholic Christian and in most of our parishes, the Priests and other ministers at the altar use either a Missal or a printed bulletin/newsletter so I agree wholeheartedly that ”words of God, spoken with a pure mouth and believed in one’s heart are what carry God’s anointing and not what material it is written or displayed on”.
    Remain blessed my dear+


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