Pivoting: changing lanes and switching rides.

mesi muses


Recently, I have had to look at a business
that lost momentum over time, in a bid to get it going once again. Sales had
gradually reduced to a slow trot and founders were wondering what to do. When
you start a business, it is exciting to tick off milestones on a list, but
after that initial buzz from early adopters, it usually requires an extra
effort to stay the course. In other cases, it may make more sense to pivot away
from your original strategy, only after getting proper feedback and research,
of course.

The startup world is filled with buzzwords
and there seems to be a new one once in a while. One of the older ones however,
is the pivot. So what is pivoting, and how does it affect you as a business
owner? Pivoting generally refers to a shift in strategy to apply a new approach

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